Is Spread Betting A Fad?


What Is Spread Betting?

Spread Betting is one of the more advanced forms of betting and will have a bit more of a learning curve than just placing a standard bet. Having been around for a long time its garnered a lot of attention in recent years as a great way to edge your bets accordingly so the odds are actually stacked in your favour.

Spread Betting can be quite daunting at first however once you begin to get to grips with it, it can become very easy to understand and a great way to make some money.

Being a volatile form of betting as you’re intentionally focussing on a wide range of different outcomes that could possibly occur during a sporting event/match.

An example of spread betting in sports is much different that betting on a single outcome such as a win/loss, there are plenty of different outcomes that could be of interest such as how many goals scored in a single game, how many corners or how many yellow cards.

This works as you’ll be betting against what is known as the “spread” covering the outcome of a specific event which will have two prices which are known as the buy price and the sell price.

However you must be knowledgeable about this too work as you need to work out whether you think that the prediction provided by the bookmakers is too low or too high.

Benefits Of Spread Betting

Due to the amount of bets that you place over a certain event spread betting can be very lucrative indeed, as the more outcomes that you’ve guessed right then the more money you will win. When spread betting you need to make sure that you use a points system to mark any information down as this is going to help you place your future bets.

An example of this is if there is a big upcoming match between two competitive rivals and points have suggested previously that tempers generally flare between the two teams you would buy on this match as you think there could be more. Or on the other side of the spectrum if you believe that the referee will manage the game accordingly then you would sell. Winnings are calculated by the amount you choose to stake.

Risks Of Spread Betting

As with all forms of online gambling if you don’t go in there with a budget and plan out the amount of money you want to spend it can be very costly indeed if things start to go wrong as this method can both win you a lot and lose you a lot of money very carefully.

You need to be knowledgeable about the upcoming event as you’ll be placing bets off historical knowledge of the sporting eve taking place, so the more you know about those taking part then the better chance you have winning.

As with everything if you want to make money from Spread betting then you need to learn how to do it there are plenty of good guides out there like this one.